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Cohomology Labs is a research, development, and deployment organization for improving Internet and secure multi-computing technologies as well as boosting war fighting capabilities of allied forces and production capabilities of defense companies. 

Rapid prototyping of any hardware-software systems/products in 15 days.


Commercialize any cutting-edge product based on state-of-art-technologies in 6 months.


Avail captive financing support in stealth mode to finance your dream projects. Ticket Size: $25 million to $125 billion per project.

Advanced R&D now at your disposal

We handle the end to end process enabling you to focus on what really matters

“Our internal R&D team managed to get their critical subsytems prototyped, tested and delivered by propulsion engineering team of Cohomology Labs in record 11 days."

Fatih Pasha

 Chief Designer-Drone Manufacturer 

“They built a quantum energy teleportation simulator for us in 23 days starting from scratch. I highly reccommend their global capability team. ”

Albert Wang

System Integrator-Schneider Electric 

“A brand new blockchain virtual machine compatible with Ethereum's EVM was delivered by Blocktrust team of Cohomolgy Labs in less than 2 months. ”

James Kovacic

Compiler Designer and LLVM consultant

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